Breast Pain Treatment Delhi NCR, Gurgaon

Breast pain is also known as Mastalgia and it is a very common problem, especially among young women.

  • Patients can present with:
  • - Breast pain/ tenderness, which can be continuous or intermittent
  • - It can present as breast fullness or tightness before the menstrual periods
  • - Sometimes the pain can continue after the periods also

Breast pain can be present due to many causes like:

  • Fibroadenosis – this is the most common cause of breast pain in a young women and it usually occurs due to hormonal changes which occur during the menstrual cycles. The pain of this condition is typically more before the periods and it settle down once the periods start. Patient can also feel small lumps in her breast, which should be investigated using an ultrasound

  • Breast abscess – this can commonly occur in ladies who are breastfeeding and this infection needs to be treated with antibiotics and surgery
  • Muscular pain under the breast area is also very common and often underdiagnosed

  • Another treatable cause of pain is called Costochondritis, which is swelling over the rib. This can be managed using a local injection, which offers prolonged relief from this problem
  • Rarely breast pain can also be associated with breast cancer.
  • At W Pratiksha Hospital &Vardaan Hospital, a specialized Breast Pain clinic is run by Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, who is a trained breast surgeon and he has vast experience in handling such cases. He recommends a thorough work-up and examination in all patients with breast pain, so that the cause can be properly identified.

    Each type of breast pain requires different treatment and identifying the right cause is of paramount importance.

    Some of the treatments that may be recommended for breast pain are:

    • - Vitamins & oral contraceptives for fibroadenosis
    • - Cyst aspiration
    • - Anti-inflammatory medications
    • - Intralesional injections

    So book an appointment with WPratiksha Hospital or Vardaan Hospital, for the best Breast Pain treatment in Delhi.