Fibroadenoma Treatment Delhi NCR Gurgaon

Fibroadenoma is the most common non- cancerous tumor of the breast, found generally in young women aged between 15 to 25 years. It commonly presents as a breast lump and can sometimes be associated with pain. Although majority of the patients have a single fibroadenoma, multiple lumps can also occur simultaneously.

Being one of the reputed hospital backed by experienced and knowledgeable panels of doctors, W Pratiksha Hospital is provides painless & scarless Fibroadenoma Treatment in Delhi.

Dr. Rohan Khandelwal is a specialized Breast Surgeon who has done his training from the University of Maryland and he has vast experience in scarless fibroadenoma treatment. As this problem occurs in young patients, he feels that the cosmetic outcome of the surgery is also very important.

  • The usual symptoms of a fibroadenoma are:

  • - Firm
  • - Rubbery
  • - Painless lump
  • - Easily moveable under the skin
  • All fibroadenomas don’t require surgical treatment but certain indications when surgery should be done are:

  • - Abnormal biopsy results
  • - Concern about cancer
  • - Family history of breast cancer
  • - Pain
  • - Sudden increase in size of the lump

Following are certain images which highlight the fact that fibroadenoma surgery can be done without leaving a scar behind.

To confirm the diagnosis, an ultrasound and FNAC are usually done.

Dr. Rohan has also operated on a very interesting case with 39 fibroadenomas in both breasts. Click on this to read about this rare case.